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Weddings are elegant with a saxy live wedding song.  Your wedding dress, wedding gown and wedding invitations will set the stage for a fabulous wedding. The saxophone will add a touch of class that will make your wedding memorable. Your friends will be talking about your wedding for a long time.







Hello!  First of all, allow me to thank you once more! You were amazing!... Mr. Tapper:  Hello! I am the lady who came up to you this Saturday... However, the highlight of the evening was the mellifluous sound of Joseph’s saxophone as he played...
Tapper's audiences have included the United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...



Imagine your beautiful wedding overlooking the Island of Jamaica with lovely wedding music.


With my saxophone my music will entertain any crowd, whether it is a wedding song during the ceremony or wedding reception entertainment you will be more than satisfied. Even saxophone music during the cocktail hour will make your wedding the talk of the town. Just read some of the testimonials on this site and you will quickly see that the saxophone music is what you have been wanting to add to your wedding. One of the greatest wedding musicians is right at your doorstep Florida so you can be the first to book Joseph Tapper The Marital Sax for your wedding. Weddings or corporate events it doesn't matter. A live musician at your event will blow you away and leave your crowd talking about your event for a long time. The sound of the live saxophone music is like none other and you can afford the best musician so call now and book early.

 Wedding songs are the icing on the cake at this lovely wedding.


As a wedding musician in Florida I have so much fun at weddings and it shows in my wedding performances. The wedding reception music is where I really let my saxophone loose. My baby saxophone just puts out the sweetest music and love songs anywhere. The saxophone music is a melodic voice that is so mellow and suitable for weddings. But not only at weddings, the sound of saxophone music at any function is a touch of class. A live musician can add value to any event planner's business.  Weddings are so beautiful with the wedding gowns, wedding dresses, wedding songs and wedding saxophone music. Wedding saxophone music is one of the  classiest things at a wedding.



At this Jamaican wedding the guests were entertained with wonderful wedding songs played by Joseph on the saxophone.


Florida has the advantage of having outdoor weddings because the weather is nice most of the year. Florida weddings with a  wedding song played on a saxophone is the most beautiful wedding in the country. Florida take advantage of Florida's own wedding song musician and enjoy indoor and outdoor weddings any time of the year. Florida, jazz music, saxophone and weddings, they all go hand in hand for memorable events. Bring your wedding to Florida and call The Marital Sax and book one of the best wedding song musicians in Florida now.

Florida weddings that include live wedding reception entertainment are much talked about. The guests remember the saxophone wedding music forever. Wedding songs come alive when played on the sax. Wedding ceremony musicians are often taken for granted. Just because the performance of the wedding ceremony musician may be short it doesn't mean that they don't deserve a fee. It takes a lot of work preparing for each wedding as a wedding ceremony musician. The live wedding ceremony musician has to learn new songs for each wedding. A good wedding ceremony musician knows that they only have one chance to make it right so they have to perfect their craft.




If a Florida wedding planner has a good wedding musician or just a good musician in their rolodex they will get much more business. I recently was hired by a DJ to play my saxophone at a corporate event. It was a corporate Christmas party and they wanted a live musician to entertain the crowd. I was the musician for the evening and was given the spotlight during dinner. The songs on my saxophone echoed through the halls of the DECOTA center and the crowd was amazed. I received testimonials telling me that my live saxophone musical performance set the ambiance for the evening and lifted the level of class of the event. Wedding planners, Event planners, DJ's  brides or grooms will be proud and happy for calling one of the best wedding musicians in the state of Florida. South Florida is especially fortunate to have one of the best musicians locally. Florida can take advantage of many benefits of having a musician like Joseph Tapper right here.  

Wedding in Montego Bay Jamaica with wedding music played on the saxophone.



The wedding musician is something unique in Florida. Every wedding cannot afford a live wedding musician but if you can it is something that you will not regret. A live wedding musician brings such class to any event, especially weddings. I have overheard at many events where I performed as wedding reception entertainment, the guests whispering how the planner  must have paid a fortune to have a live wedding musician of this caliber to perform at their wedding.  It brings me great pride as a premier wedding musician to get such compliments. I always give the illusion that the wedding planner must have paid several thousand dollars to hire a wedding musician of my skill level. I may not be the best Florida wedding musician but I sure am one of them.

Beautiful ladies just love the wedding music and songs played on the saxophone.




this could be your wedding, imagine dancing to the wedding song of your choice being played on the saxophone.

The Marital Sax* P.O. Box 5241* Hollywood*

Florida 33083*954-483-5093*


your wedding date is set, you have a nice wedding dress but have you planned your  wedding song?

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