Budget Tip #1-Food Costs

A good way to save a bundle on your wedding is the food. The wedding dinner runs anywhere from $60 a plate up. Now I know you or your faience must know a few people that can really cook. There are also people that would love to be involved in helping with dinner. Well why don't you just put them together?

You can get those foil pans that holds large quantities of food and the brackets that hold them over the flame to keep it warm very inexpensively at any department store. Get your friends to cook one dish each and keep it simple, not too many courses. Home cooked meals will be much more delicious that most of those banquet hall meals with half cooked chicken any way.

You can even rent plate ware if you want to keep it elegant but if you want to splurge I would recommend the Chinet disposable plate ware. It is sturdy, attractive and less expensive. You can even get the silver-plastic forks and spoons for the tables, and they look like real silverware.

I have seen this done at hundreds of weddings and I heard nobody complain. When the food is delicious it takes the attention off of the plate it's sitting on. Let's face it, the guests you invited are there to share your special moment and are more than happy to help you save a few coins by cutting corners here and there. Hope that helps and good luck!

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