Budget Tip #2-Guest List

Keep an eye on your guest list. This is something that can cause a lot of stress and allow you to blow your wedding budget easily. We love the idea that thousands of people care about us enough to come to our wedding and eat our food. Most of them won't even bring a gift because they are not that close to you anyway. But you got carried away on your guest list and invited everybody in your phone book. When you view your wedding pictures later you see people you didn't even know, yet you paid for them to eat at your wedding.

Well give this some thought. Why don't you share this special moment with the ones you really know and who care about you? Keep the thought in your mind that this is a special day and you want to share it with special people. Invite the ones that you are close to, people that you talk to at least occasionally. Let the list begin with relatives and followed by close friends. I would stop there and keep it intimate. Some people will no-show and that's ok.

One thing you must do is get a good head count before you finalize your plans. You must get an RSVP from every guest that is coming. It's ok to send out reminder invites or simply text or call. It's crucial to get an accurate number to allow you to plan your food and drinks accordingly. Little things add up and can become big expenses. So keep it intimate and enjoy your special event. Good luck!

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