Budget Tip #3-Invitations

Invitations can be very expensive. For those that want to give the impression that they are wealthy then getting the most expensive invitations they can find is a good way to do it. I have received invitations made from expensive parchment which included stamped RSVP envelopes. I was impressed but it all went in the trash except the RSVP envelope which I put in the mail. If image is that important to you then you may want to go that route. But if you feel it's more important to get people there and enjoy your special event then you may want to try some other methods of inviting your friends to your wedding.

These are people that know you and you may not need to impress. So instead of spending over $1000 on invitations alone you may want to scale it back to a lesser expensive invitation and spend what's left on the main event, the ceremony and party. I have received E-Vites, which are totally free and wasn't phased in the least. The turn out was no less than other methods of invitations and it proved to be more efficient. You could monitor RSVPs much easier and send reminder texts as the event gets closer, and it's all FREE!

I have used it personally for my own birthday parties and other events with great success. Now I don't get paid anything for this but check out Evite.com and see if that is a suitable fit for you. Good luck!

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