Money Saving Tip

A lot of money is spent on hiring a band, singers or musicians at a wedding. Most of the time it's very well spent. Here's a cost saving tip coming from a wedding musician.

Don't hire a live service for the cocktail hour. For the many weddings that I have performed at the cocktail hour is the biggest waste. The guests usually like to socialize with each other and they usually migrate away from the music so they can hear each other talk.

The idea behind cocktail hour is to have background music that is lower than the room noise. The louder the music the louder the people have to talk. I have tested it myself by turning my music up and down and sometimes the guests even request the music to be lower. But the person that hired me wants me to play louder.

Instead use a small sound system and play your favorite playlist of whatever kind of music you like. You can even use Pandora over a Bluetooth speaker for background music. Pandora usually offers a one week free trial of their commercial free service. Join that for the reception and you will have wonderful commercial free music then you can cancel it after the wedding. It works just as well and you have that extra cash to go all out during the reception where you can get the biggest bang for your buck with live wedding musicians and bands.

I think it's more of a status thing to have an awesome live saxophonist like me to play at your wedding. It adds a lot of class, so the hosts wants to show that off during the cocktail hour. Well that's the wrong time to do it. Save your money and use the live music during the pre-ceremony music and reception.

During the reception is the best time to show off your class with the live wedding musician that you have hired. Let them entertain the guests during dinner and while they are being seated. After dinner the DJ is going to crank up their music and it's party on! Good luck.

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