Giving a toast at a wedding

The scariest thing that I saw at a wedding was something that brought tears to the eyes of the bride for the remainder of the wedding.
I was hired as a wedding musician to play the bridal march on the saxophone. As a wedding musician I have experienced many things at weddings. I played one of Kenny G's songs as a bridal march and everything went beautiful. The ceremony ended and after a brief cocktail hour the reception was ready to begin.
In the reception hall everyone was seated waiting for the new husband and wife to enter. The music starts on cue and in comes the couple looking as stunning as ever. All of the fanfare takes place as the rest of the wedding party enters and takes their seats. The staff poured champagne into the glasses on all of the tables and now it was time for the toasts.
Everyone was so happy for the new couple and ready to share their short stories of how they met the bride or groom and a funny little note interjected in the story somewhere. Well the best man steps up in front of the table which seated the newly married couple. He lifted his glass to give a toast while calling out the name of the groom who was a long time friend and he called out the name of the grooms ex-wife.
Once he realized it there was no calling it back nor could he call back all of the beautiful words he just said about the wrong couple. The bride started crying and continued until I left. There was no consoling her, the best man apologized profusely again and again but to no avail.
My tip for toasts is to write them down and read them when the time comes. Good luck.

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